About Us

No matter how minor the illness is, patients who visit a hospital have to be treated with higher accuracy at the right time. Our mission is to provide optimal diagnosis support to the patients with our AI-driven solutions based on deep learning technologies, our unique algorithms, and image processing techniques.

Our universal AI platform is created by a combination of big data, experts, and our own unique engines & algorithms. It provides the on-site/real-time service that is seamlessly connected to all systems built in the hospital and fulfills the professional needs of physicians to diagnose diseases promptly.

We open a new paradigm by providing high-quality medical management, efficient medical treatment, and transparent medical service not only in brain diseases such as ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, brain aneurysm, and Alzheimer’s disease but also in lung diseases, coronary artery disease, prostate cancer, and digital pathology.

We now introduce AI solutions into your life and we will propagate our innovative solutions to the world for the better and healthier lives.

Our Partners

  • KIbo 기술보증기금
  • KB 인베스트먼트
  • SL Investment
  • Medici Investment
  • BNH Investment