About us

We create intelligence to sustain people’s life care with technology.
We are here to overcome complex medical problems from various fields of biomedicine, computer sciences, mathematics, economics, mechanics and bioelectronics.

JLK inspection has two foundation technologies of image processing and artificial intelligent. The image processing technology was applied to an inspection apparatus to detect micro-scale defects on a curved glass surface as the first in the world.

We focus on applying image-processing and artificial intelligence (AI) technology in healthcare industries. Currently, we are developing an AI based data-driven diagnostic system that detect brain disease. We hope our AI technology to help improve quality of life of the patients and their family.


What differentiates JLK INSPECTION from other AI Diagnostic companies?
These are the core elements of our solution and closely connected to each other.


JLK accomplished the specialized algorithms by hybridizing multiple artificial neural networks having extensible structure.

Big Data

Our data is standardized based on the international criteria and verified by the medical expert group.


JLK has multi-discipline knowledge composed of medical specialist, special scientist, and business expert.



GMP approval

JLK Inspection is approved for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in Korea.

Patent on “AI based diagnosis system for stroke”

“Method & system for diagnosis and prognosis of stroke and system therefor.”

Patent on “Deep learning detection method”

“Micro cracks detection device and method of flexible touch screen panel using deep learning algorithm.”

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