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Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer detection solution


Based on the patient's multiparametric prostate MRI data,
the solution automatically analyze the location of prostate cancer
tumor & visualize the probability of presence of cancer and to
assist diagnosis of prostate cancer location and clinical stage of medical staff clinical stage


JPC-01K is an AI medical system that detects the area of prostate cancer using multiparametric MR images. The system is based on artificial neural networks to analyze the MR images of the prostate cancer patients. The system uses multiparametric MR images, T2, DWI, and DCE, as input and visualizes the location of the prostate cancer and their probability. Physicians using our system can diagnose prostate cancer patients faster, more efficiently, and more accurately. JPC-01K is currently classified as ‘Computer Aided Diagnosis Software’ (A26430.14(3)) and has submitted application for large-scale and multi-center clinical trial to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea.