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Colorectal disease diagnosis solution


The diagnosis of colon polyps and colorectal cancer is steadily increasing due to the aging of the population and changes in dietary life. Generally, colonoscopy is used to detect the presence and location of polyps, which can be used for resection of adenoma and prevention of colon cancer. However, depending on the profession of the doctor, it may happens that the polyp is not be found during an endoscopic examination. Fiberscopy based Colorectal Disease Diagnosis Solution detects and classifies polyps in colonoscopic images and visualizes them to support doctors in diagnosis.



Gastric disease diagnosis solution


The diagnosis of gastritis by gastroscopy is focused on finding a precancerous lesion and find an early gastric cancer that looks similar to gastritis. The survival rate after 5 years of early gastric cancer surgery is high, but recently it has been reported that the number of small sized or atypical type of gastric cancer is increased and it is far more difficult to detect it through an endoscopic examination. Fiberscopy based Gastric Disease Diagnosis Solution supports diagnosis of doctors by presenting classification of gastritis and detection of cancer in gastric endoscopic image.



Thyroid disease diagnosis solution


The diagnosis of thyroid cancer is made by examining the mass in the thyroid gland by ultrasound. Thyroid tumors are rarely diagnosed as cancer, but its difficulty due to the uncertainty of tumor margin, low contrast, and irregular imaging in distinguishing thyroid tumors in ultrasound images makes it even harder to diagnose thyroid cancer. Thyroid Disease Diagnosis Solution supports the diagnosis of the doctor by detecting and visualizing the thyroid tumor in ultrasound image.