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Diabetic retinopathy detection solution


Congestion occurs when blood flow increased in the blood vessels of the tissue. This may indicate fatigue for the tissue, and especially, the painful eye congestion may be an indicator of serious illness such as acute angle-closure glaucoma. However, the diagnosis has been based on subjective judgment of the experts rather than quantitative analysis. This product can improve the accuracy of diagnosis through quantitative analysis of eye fatigue and positively affect diagnosis model of related disease in the future.



Strabismus diagnosis solution


Strabismus is a medical condition in which the two eyes fail to maintain proper alignment. It can be discovered through various exams such as corneal reflex or red reflex. Early detection is very important in pediatric patients, but it is extremely difficult to process the examination. Automatic Strabismus Diagnosis Solution is expected to solve the difficulty by supporting strabismus diagnosis with the quantitative data.