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Joint image analysis solution


The knee joint is not only the largest joint in the body but also has a very complex structure. Therefore, analyzing the cartilage status of a patient accurately from MR images requires a lot of experience. Joint Image Analysis Solution automatically measures the knee cartilage thickness and visualizes it by 3-D modeling of the thickness.

JBone-01K CATALOG (VER.1.0)


Degenerative arthritis diagnosis solution


Degenerative arthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It is caused by worn out articular cartilage and is common to most middle-aged and elderly people. Knee X-ray scan is a method of diagnosis. Based on deep learning technology, Degenerative Arthritis Diagnosis Solution automatically detects bones and extracts features that support degenerative arthritis diagnosis from knee X-ray.

JBone-02K CATALOG (VER.1.0)


Bone age assessment solution


It is possible to predict the precocious puberty, the growth rate and adult height by analyzing the bone age of the children. However, there is a problem of substantial disagreement among the radiologists when the bone age is deduced from X-ray image only without other clinical information. Bone Age Assessment Solution supports precocious puberty or growth disorder diagnosis by measuring the bone age within the margin of error of 8 months.

JBone-03K CATALOG (VER.1.0)


Bone fracture detection solution


Rib fracture occurs from blows to the chest and is the most common injuries to the chest. It is difficult to diagnose bone fracture on X-ray if the fractured bone overlaps with other bones and is very thin and small. Rib Fracture Detection Solution supports rib fracture diagnosis by automatically detecting rib fracture on X-ray.

JBone-04K CATALOG (VER.1.0)