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Hepatoma detection solution


Hepatoma is one of the cancers that have highest mortality rate and incidence rate. It is critical to detect early since the survival rate decreases drastically as the stage progresses. However, since the patients are not aware of the symptoms, it is often not discovered until it becomes fatal. Usually CT scans are used for screening, but there are many cases that are hard to detect the disease only with the images such as the case of well-differentiated hepatocellular carcinoma (Edmonson grade I or II). Hepatoma Detection Solution supports hepatoma diagnosis by detecting hepatocellular carcinoma on CT images and classifying the types of tumors detected.



Abdominal image analysis solution


It is crucial for anti-cancer therapy including antiangiogenic therapy to observe the response to treatment through continuous monitoring. Monitoring is mainly done using PET/CT images and the reaction is analyzed using values such as SUV max. Abdominal Image Analysis Solution supports doctors by providing various quantification indexes analyzed from abdominal PET/CT images that were not provided by existing equipment.